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Poors Trust

There are two Poors charities
bullet Townland Trust
bullet Poors Allotment Trust

They are both managed as the Runham Poors. They are registered with the charities commission under reference numbers 258167 & 258168


Townland Trust

On 26th October 1696 William Liffen surrendered one acre of land in Runham called Town Land for the support of poor persons of the town of Runham.

The piece of land is (confusingly) known as "The Allotments" and is on Moonshine - the road leading from Runham Swim to Mautby.

Income is from the rental of allotments.

Poors Allotment 

By the Runham Inclosure act Geo3 it was directed that an allotment should be set out and vested in the lord of the manor, the rector, the vicar and the churchwardens and overseers of the poor of Runham. It was directed that the rents and profits should be laid out in purchasing fuel which should be distributed amongst the poor inhabitants of the parish.

The land is some 27acres lying against the river Bure between Runham and Herringby.

Income is from letting the land for grazing, letting out shooting and reed cutting rights as well as income from Environmentally Sensitive Area grants.

Distribution of trust funds

Each year the trustees distribute to those of the parish of Runham who are experiencing financial hardship.

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