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Parish Register Copies in the Library of the Society of Genealogists as of July 2000

There was a good site called www.fleggisland.co.uk created by J Brown but it now seems unavailable. It had the baptism, marriage and burial records for lots of family names in the area.

Medieval families in the Flegg area
Family names of major landowners at the end of the fifteenth century included Paston and Clere. For further information on medieval times see Barbara Cornford's excellent book. Details in the bibliography area of this site.

Dow family
Records indicate connection to the Dow family. See their web site at http://www.dowlink.net The editor asked me to add the following text to make sure that there is no mis-understanding concerning various branches of the Dow family.

"Transcripts of selected pages from The Book of Dow,  together with annotated excerpts about Dow family members and the bbbf line mentioned in the book, as well as additional information about Dow family members not in
the book.  Information about The Dows of New Brunswick, Canada, and the two distinctly different Dow Settlements in the Province, one in York County and the other in Carleton County."

1891 Census
Family names recorded from the 1891 Census are shown on Paddy Aplings' web site about Runham here. http://apling.freeservers.com/1891Census/Runham.htm